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It started for me with a story that filled my fascination. A story of a set of brothers, that set out to create a dog that was not just a hunting dog or working dog but a dog that was to be used as a multi functional tool of sorts. A dog that would be able to fulfill the need in hunting big game and to defend property, crop, livestock and the family from any threat. To actually be a family member not just a Extention of the family. I thought to myself if these guys were halfway successful this would be the perfect dog. To my fortune I found out that indeed they succeeded in creating a dog with pure hunting instinct, intelligence and a protective nature unsurpassed by anything that i had ever heard of before. The creator had accomplished his dream and I got my first set of Dogo Argentinos. I have been in love every since. The more I saw the dogs work the more I learned and the more I realized that I wanted to dedicate my self to the dogo. The creator stated that passion is the engine that propels the vehicle of ideas; ideas born without passion are dead. My father said one day son you are aspiring to keep the dream of the creator alive name your program after that. With my fathers words of wisdom, the dreams and enthusiasm of Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez and Augustine Nores Martinez as well as the information and blessings from many of the true and honorable Doguero that I met. Dream Keepers Kennels was formed and here we stand as if embedded in concrete.

Our mission is honorable Our intentions are true and humble. This breed of dog is beyond amazing. We look to help spread the unadulterated, pure information from all parts of the world to help maintain and assist in the evolution of the elegant, noble and powerful Dogo Argentino!

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